Who should be the presidential candidate Indonesia 2014..???

1.    MAHFUD MD.
Chairman of the Constitutional Court, the warrior of justice, courage and integrity (honor), has the spiritual ability (pupil Gus Dur / Kh. Abdurrahman Wahid), had a rigor, daring release personal interests for the sake of the nation and people of Indonesia.

Minister of Enterprise, owner of Java Post, brave and dedicated, professional, has no personal interest and the party can perform the action while others do not and earthy.

Mayor of Solo, Jakarta gubernatorial candidate, businessman, close to the little people, dared to be different, had the firmness and integrity, not just rhetoric, had no personal interest.

One of the names above will be the next president of Indonesia, and will make major changes and return to Indonesia to become honorable among the nations of the world. Seizing the governor's administration will initiate such steps as the number one administration will be a door-to-RI 1.

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